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Dandelion SlingEZee The Classic Collection features solid fabrics our customers have grown to love! Who says wearing your baby means you have to compromise on style. SlingEZee is the perfect choice for wearing your baby. With SlingEZee, keep in contact with your baby for great bonding while being hands-free! Design differences mean you can wear your baby long-term, in comfort. Padding along the shoulder and rails provide softness where you need it, easing your load and protecting your baby from chafing. Because padded slings cannot be one-size-fits all, SlingEZee comes in 5 sizes. The right fit is essential! SlingEZee is a breastfeeding mother’s favorite tool and the fussy baby’s place of comfort. The many benefits of baby wearing are well worth the effort! A copy of the SlingEZee Instructional DVD is included with every SlingEZee. With some pointers, you'll be on your way to a nurturing style of parenting. This is the new and improved SlingEZee baby sling. It is trimmer, more adjustable, and more comfortable than ever! Read more about it.

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