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Why SlingEZee?

There are key differences between SlingEZee and other baby slings or carriers which impact comfort. Over the years, we've worn a wide variety of baby carriers and helped many a babywearer to distinguish how design elements effect comfort and ease of use.


Many padded slings earn a bad reputation (and rightly so!) because they have poor adjustability. This means that when you make your adjustments to get baby snug against you, it's just not possible. The rails pull through the rings until padding is reached, and then the sling cannot be adjusted further, though it is needed. Often this is because a padding sling is marketed as 'one size fits all'. Often, the padding of a sized sling simply runs too far in the rails. When baby hangs too low or away from your body, this is dangerous for baby and results in back discomfort for you. When we purchased the SlingEZee brand, we took out several inches of padding in the rails to correct its adjustability. You'll find that baby can be adjusted in the proper "sling zone" on your body - above your waist, preferably snug against your chest - so you can be truly hands free.


SlingEZee Padding on the LegsPadding is a matter of personal preference and need. For the mother of a high need baby who needs to be worn constantly, padding is deeply appreciated. For those with specific back issues, SlingEZee's padded rails supporting the back is very beneficial. Recently in the babywearing world, the marketing trend seems to send the message that padding is ‘bulky’ or ‘unnecessary.’ The majority of the time, we find this notion to be disproved once the customer experiences the difference. For the parent, the need for padding increases as baby’s weight increases. For the child, padding prevents taut edges of fabric from causing discomfort.


SlingEZee differs from many other slings because it comes in five sizes. This is not important for an unpadded sling, but for padded slings, proper sizing is crucial. When a sling is the proper size, baby can be worn snug, so the parent can be hands-free and comfortable. When a sling is too long, baby tends to hang too low or away from the adult, which is dangerous and causes back pain.

To reach the masses, some sling manufacturers have marketed their padded slings to be ‘one size fits all.’ This is not possible, but sadly, many new parents have purchased these slings that claim to be ‘one size fits all’ from a baby superstore only to throw it in a closet after a few frustrating episodes. They assume that slings are simply uncomfortable or that their baby didn’t like the sling. If only they knew the difference sizing makes! Keep in mind that the right sized sling should fit so that the lower rail comes close to your waist. If it falls closer to your hip, the sling is too long. If it comes up under your arm, the sling is too small. The proper sized sling should be able to be tightened snug, with baby carried above your waist or at chest level.

Designed for Weight Distribution

SlingEZee shoulder pad Another key difference between SlingEZee versus other slings is in the construction, especially at the shoulder area. SlingEZee is designed in such a way that the fabric spreads properly for excellent distribution of baby’s weight. This is why SlingEZee can be used to comfortably carry a newborn up to a preschooler! Many padded slings are uncomfortable, despite their padding, because the sling is sewn narrow at the shoulder or tacked together to not allow the fabric to drape around the shoulder cap and across the back properly. Steer clear of baby carriers that run narrow across your shoulder and back if you desire to wear your baby for longer than short spurts!

Superior for Breastfeeding

Breastfeeding in a SlingEZee Baby Sling For the breastfeeding mother, a wonderful sling is the perfect tool in providing for her baby as she goes about her life. With SlingEZee, mothers are able to breastfeed in public – no matter where they are, in a discreet manner. People usually don’t even realize what’s taking place in the privacy of the sling. The hammock is just the right size to provide ample cover for discretion and to support baby at the right level. What a luxury for mothers who desire to meet their baby’s cues to nurse, rather than cause insecurity and stress by delaying!

Breathable Cotton

SlingEZee is made from 100% cotton fabric – light and breathable. We have lived in desert regions and in the hot, humid South while wearing our babies in our slings. Through summer and winter, we find them to be very comfortable. We’ve certainly noticed that our babies can be little heaters, but that is something we’re more than willing to put up with to gain the benefits of babywearing!

In Comparison to Non-Slings

How does SlingEZee compare to non-sling baby carriers? Most traditional front-facing baby carriers that are currently so popular suspend baby from their crotch, rather than placing them in a cradled or sitting position that supports their spine. This is potentially harmful for your baby's physical development. In addition, narrow straps across the back do not provide effective weight distribution; so wearing these front packs becomes increasingly uncomfortable as your baby grows. We love the fact that we can wear our babies from day one - preemie to preschooler - comfortably.

Vertical Snuggle Hold Regarding pouches, some can be adjusted, while others cannot. Most run narrow across the shoulder and back, so they may be worn comfortably at first, but not beyond infancy. Many find pouches to be frustrating since they limit the variety of positions their infant may be worn in. For example, a favorite position for babies in an adjustable ring sling is to be snuggled vertically with their head against their parent's heart. This common position is not possible in pouches which cannot be adjusted properly at the top rail, so the parent suffers from back discomfort and cannot be hands free.

When it comes to day-in, day-out life, SlingEZee baby slings are wonderful because they are so easy to pop baby in and out of – whether running errands or spending the day at home. If baby is ready to be held or breastfed, in he goes. If he’s ready to get down and play, he’s back out again in an instant. SlingEZee makes life with a baby convenient and comfortable!