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Keep in mind that breastfeeding in your SlingEZee is "advanced babywearing." First, grow comfortable wearing your baby in your sling while not breastfeeding, and keep in mind that it takes practice to learn a new skill! Start by breastfeeding in the privacy of your home, supporting your baby with your arms and a good nursing pillow, with your SlingEZee loosely around you and your baby. Take baby steps, and relax! You'll be a pro before you know it - there's no rush.

Breastfeeding in a SlingEZee Baby SlingTo breastfeed in your SlingEZee, begin with your baby in the cradle hold. For a baby less than two months old, you may desire to breastfeed with your baby cradled with their head below the rings. Due to their entire body - feet and all - being contained in the sling, they will outgrow this position quickly. Most mothers find it easier, in general, to breastfeed with baby's head opposite the rings. This position accommodates even a nursing toddler, since their feet can hang out below the rings. Also, there is more space for you to latch your baby on and you can then tighten the top rail alone (bubbling) for discreet breastfeeding .

You may find that you want to loosen your sling somewhat to create some space in your SlingEZee. Whenever you need to loosen the tension of your sling, simply lift up the lower ring while supporting your baby. Always hold on to your baby while doing this. After loosening your sling, reach inside your SlingEZee to prepare your breast for feeding. With that hand inside the sling, grasp your baby’s head and shoulder area and turn them toward you, tummy-to-tummy, and latch them onto your breast. With your baby supported, tighten the fabric by pulling on the tail (label or below). This should fully support your baby at the breast so that you can be hands-free. To tighten the top rail for support or for discreetness, "bubble" the top rail.

Another great breastfeeding position in your SlingEZee is the clutch or football hold. This position is perfect for nursing during the first couple of months. In this position, you will place your baby in the sling with their head in front of your breast and their legs curled beneath your arm on that same side. Your arm supports your baby, with your opposite arm free to help your baby latch on. The clutch hold is a great position for a mother who has had a Cesarean birth, as it keeps the baby away from the incision. It is also helpful for the mother who has a strong milk let down, because the baby can handle the flow more easily in the clutch hold.